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Bringing An Animal To The Shelter

Bringing an Animal to the Shelter

As an open admission shelter, La Plata County Humane Society accepts all pets that come through our doors, no matter the circumstances. Animals outside the county limits are brought in on a case-by-case basis and require approval.

Surrendering Your Own Pet

Saving lives and finding forever homes for the pets in our care is our mission and goal. We understand, however, that there are circumstances that may occur where the guardian must relinquish ownership of their pet. However, we strongly suggest that you call the shelter and speak to one of trained team members to discuss options prior to surrendering your pet.

If you are thinking about surrendering your animal, please download and complete the form below in detail and bring to the shelter with the animal you wish to surrender. To offset the cost of the health evaluation, behavior assessment and care provided, a suggested donation of $25 is requested when you surrender your pet for continued care.


Bringing in a Stray

We accept stray pets within the boundaries of La Plata County. If you have found a stray pet outside our service area, please take to the nearest shelter where the pet was found, chances are they not too far from home.

You must call the shelter prior to bringing in a pet that was found outside our service area of La Plata County, as they are taken in on a case-by-case basis. We require a $25 fee for stray pets brought to us from outside the county.

We ask people who bring in stray pets to fill out the stray canine or stray feline form and bring a valid photo ID. You will need to complete the form at the shelter and we ask you leave the pet outside the building while completing the paperwork. Once paperwork is completed, one of our staff members will ask you to either bring the stray pet inside or around the back of the building, depending on the health of the animal. Please make sure animal is in a secure pet carrier. 

*If you plan to take ownership of the animal until the owner is found, please keep in mind that after 72 hours of caring for a stray animal in the State of Colorado, you will then be considered the owner.

What If I Need to Return a Pet I Adopted?

We work hard to make a successful match, but if you discover that the pet is not compatible due to health or behavior, you may return the pet at anytime and we require them to be returned to our care, as noted in the adoption contract. We require a relinquishment fee of $25 if the animal is returned more than 30 days after adoption. Please download and complete the form below in detail and bring to the shelter with the animal you wish to return.


For more information or if you have questions, please call (970) 259-2847 x101.

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