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Wish List

Wish List

Donating any of these items is a great way to directly support the homeless animals at La Plata County Humane Society. You can also purchase needed supplies just by visiting our Amazon Wish Lists and Chewy Wish List,  just click, and it ships directly to us.

If you have items you are willing to donate, please bring them to the Shelter (location and hours). If you have questions, please call (970) 259-2847. Thank you!

Pet Supplies
Kuranda Dog Beds, click here for to order online at special price! Just click and ship!
Stretch & Scratch Cat Scratchers, click here to order online. Just click and ship!
Cat Beds and Hammocks
Nutri Source Dry Dog Food (chicken & rice)
Nutri Source Dry Cat Food (pink bag)
Milk Bones
Creamy Peanut Butter (xylitol free)
Dog Treats
Pill Pockets
Hot Dogs
String Cheese
Nylabones of Various Sizes/Shapes
Cat Toys (balls, toy mice, soft toys, toilet paper rolls)
Cat Litter (non- scented, non-clumping)
Litter Boxes
Litter Box Scoops
Small Stuffed Animals
Dog Toys Suitable for Sanitizing, Such as Kongs
Kongs (all sizes)
Tennis Balls
Stainless Steel Food Bowls (small, medium and large)
Slow Dog Feeders
6ft. Leashes and Leads
Martingale Collars (no slip collars, various sizes)
Gentle Leaders (all sizes)
Lavender Essential Oil
Rescue Remedy (drops or spray)
Dog Waste Bags
Flat Sheets
Puppy Pads
Heating Pads
Kitten Bottles
Powder-less Exam Gloves
Triple Antibiotic Ointment
Cat Scratchers
Gift Cards to Local Pet Supply and Grocery Stores
Gift Cards to Local Gas Stations for our Animal Protection Vehicles
Gift Cards to Basin Coop or Tractor Supply to Purchase Supplies for Farm Animals

View our Amazon Wish List and Chewy Wish List

Office Supplies
Reams of Copy Paper
Sticky Notes (Accordion)
Paper Clips
AA Batteries
Digital Thermometers
Digital Cameras
Digital Camcorders
EZ up Tents
Foldable Tables and Chairs in Good Condition

Cleaning Supplies
Multi-Purpose Cleaner
Disinfectant Wipes
Tall Kitchen Bags
Large Black Garbage Bags (30 gallon)
Dish Soap
Hand Sanitizer
Ziploc Bags (sandwich and gallon)
Paper Towels
Brooms & Dustpans
Laundry Detergent (unscented – free and clear)

View our Amazon Wish List and Chewy Wish List or download a printable wish list here.

KMR Kitten Milk Replacer
PetAg Esbilac Puppy Milk Replacer
Kitten Nursing Kits
Standard Baby Bottles (we use them for puppies)
Reusable/Washable Underpads (Chux)
Puppy Pads
Puppy Chew Toys
Puppy Kongs
Tarps/Viynl Shower Curtains
Kiddie Pools
Tower Cages for Kittens
Miracle Nipples
Kitten Toys
Cat Beds
Non-Clumping Cat Litter
CR2032 Lithium Batteries (They power our digital scales)

For more ideas, view our Foster Program Wish List, Baby Shower Wish List  and Chewy Wish List 

Ultrasound Machine
Ultrasonic Scaler and Polisher Combo

20 Quart Duraflex Flat Back Buckets
17 Gallon Plastic Muck Buckets
16 Gallon Heated Plastic Water Tubs
250 Watt Stock Water Troughs
3 Gallon Rubber Feed Tubs
Large Capacity Slow Feed Hay Nets,  2 x 2″ Holes or Smaller
Rope Halters with Lead Ropes
Flat Halters with Lead Ropes
Plastic Muck Rakes
10′ or 12′ Corral Panels (country line, behlen, tarter, powder blue)
Sheep/Goat or Hog Feedlot Panels
Portable Stalls
Horse or Stock Trailer, Bumper Pull or Gooseneck

Fabric Cat Carriers
Fitted Bed Sheets (flat sheets are ok)
Long Paper Shreds
Goose Down Blankets/XL Bedspreads
Toilet Paper Rolls
To-Go Containers (plastic, cardboard, etc.)
Doggie Diapers

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