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Leadership Team

Chris Nelson
Director of Animal Services
(970) 259-2847 x104

Travis Woehrel
Director of Animal Protection
(970) 259-2847 x103

Candace Kane-Hedrick
Director of the Thrift Store
(970) 385-4322 x113

Liz Schenk
Assistant Director of Animal Services
(970) 259-2847 x110

Emily Phillips
Marketing, Development and Public Relations Manager
(970) 259-2847 x112

Cassidy Crisp
Marketing and Social Media Coordinator
(970) 259-2847 x108

Beth McEachron
Office Manager
(970) 259-2847 x111

Colleen Dunning
Foster Coordinator
(970) 259-2847 x109

Carolyn Bollinger
Volunteer Coordinator
(970) 259-2847 x120

Ken Hibbard
Education and Adoption Counselor
(970) 259-2847 x120


Susan Riches – President
Patrick Parker – Vice President
Susan Pelis – Treasurer
Wendy Ludgewait – Secretary

Aimee Hebert
Christine Imming
Reid Brubaker

Other Contacts

Dial (970) 259-2847  and the following extensions:

Adoption Services  x101

 Admissions and Medical Services  x101

Thrift Store x107

Licensing Services x101

Lost and Found Services  x101

End of Life Services  x110

Humane Education and Student Internships x120

Foster Care Program  x109

Volunteer Opportunities  x120

Marketing Opportunities x108

Development and Public Relations  x112

Donations, Gifts, Memberships and Sponsorship Opportunities  x112

Animal Protection  x114  or call
(970) 385-2900 for Central Dispatch

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