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Leadership Team

Chris Nelson
Director of Animal Services
(970) 259-2847 x104

Travis Woehrel
Director of Animal Protection
(970) 259-2847 x103

Candace Kane-Hedrick
Director of the Thrift Store
(970) 385-4322 x113

Liz Schenk
Assistant Director of Animal Services
(970) 259-2847 x110

Ken Hibbard
Education & Adoption Counselor
(970) 259-2847 x120

Bronwyn Oney-Covert
Foster Coordinator
(970) 259-2847 x109

Carolyn Bollinger
Volunteer Coordinator
(970) 259-2847 x108

Emily Phillips
Marketing & Development Manager
(970) 259-2847 x112

Office Manager
(970) 259-2847 x111


Susan Riches – President
Al Winzerling – Vice President
Susan Pelis – Treasurer
Cindy Christopher – Secretary

Wendy Ludgewait
Andie Schlenk
Aimee Herbert

Other Contacts

Dial (970) 259-2847  and the following extensions:

Reception/Client Services  x101

Adoption & Animal Admissions  x101

Thrift Store x107

Animal Protection  x114  or (970) 385-2900 for Central Dispatch

Lost & Found Reports  x101

End of Life Services  x110

Humane Education  x120

Foster Care Program  x109

Volunteer Opportunities  x108

Marketing & Development  x112

Donations, Honor Gifts, Memberships, Sponsorship Opportunities  x112

Thrift Store Furniture Pick-Up Request  x155

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